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another freaking holiday

why is it that we celebrate jesuss death by a gigantic pink rabbit giving people free chocolate eggs. if you know the answer, please tell me, because I would very much like to know.

- Posted by megafonzie on 23 Mar 2008 09:01    -   3 comments

Reader Comments:


Posted by Hoshikiba
07 Apr 2008 20:00

Actually, Easter is the date that Jesus, allegedly, returned from Hell. Other than that, I am just as stumped as you.

Posted by
22 Apr 2008 20:32

That's easy. Little kids don't give 2 shits about Jesus. They just want something. That's why Santa and the EB were made.

Posted by Nix
30 Oct 2008 22:08

The easter bunny doesn't have to do with Jesus. It has to do with Spring and the making of new life since bunnies seem to have so many children. That's what someone told me. =P

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