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filler plz. D:
11 Jul 2008 13:27

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Author's Comments:

Posted by
11 Jul 2008 13:30

I'm going to camp for two weeks tomorrow, so yeah. don't expect me on a bunch.

anyways, this took longer than a normal comic. I <3 grunge brushes~ also, I made this, because I had a peice of virtual cardboard. I overlayed this onto that. it was fun.

so... see you guys in two weeks!

oh, also, I purposely left blue out, and you'll see why, later, but not for at least two weeks, because I'm going to camp. D:

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13 Nov 2019 06:36

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Reader's Comments:

Zombie Mojo
Posted by Zombie Mojo
11 Jul 2008 13:36


Posted by megafonzie
11 Jul 2008 13:38

well, you need to wait two weeks, then for me to make another comic, and then read on, to find out if he does!

(also, I'm lazy, and probably won't make a comic the day I get back.)

Posted by nohashi
12 Jul 2008 14:47

I know what happened! blue got captured and their trying to save him!

Phoenix of Chaos
Posted by Phoenix of Chaos
13 Jul 2008 07:57

Nah, Blue got paid and ran off!

Posted by Kamkaram
14 Jul 2008 16:09

Blue gets killed by Yoshi

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